Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Impact Glass Break?

Yes, the glass can break, but it takes more of an impact. It can withstand blow after blow by a 9 pound 2×4 beam traveling at 34 miles per hour, followed by hurricane force winds and still remain in its frame. If the glass breaks, the durable inner layer will keep you, your family and your property safe during a storm.

What do I do if My Impact Glass Breaks?

Should your impact glass break or crack, it can be reglazed by a certified re-glazer without taking out the window or completely replacing it.

Do I Need Shutters with Non-Impact Products?

Yes, we recommend getting hurricane impact protection for every opening.

What are Design Pressures and Testing Requirements?

Since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Engineers have gone beyond using the “140+” mile wind speed to determine a product’s strength or durability. Engineers still use wind speed in Design Pressure (DP) calculations but they use it in relation to where the unit is located on the ASCE wind speed map.

To determine the Design Pressure, engineers also factor into their calculations: height of building, mean roof height, roof overhang, location of opening on the wall, end zone or interior zone, water intrusion, forced entry etc., resulting in a positive and negative design pressure number for every opening on the building. Your windows or doors must meet or exceed these pressures. That is where Dade County testing comes into play.